7 Easy All Natural Overnight Beauty Tips Using Dilo Oil

7 Easy All Natural Overnight Beauty Tips Using Dilo Oil

When it comes to your skin, the best products for your face and body, by far, are those made from natural ingredients. Skin care products can be a major source of toxins and tend to have a temporary positive effect on your skin with negative long term effects. There are many ingredients derived straight from nature that actually work better than most chemical laden products. Dilo oil, a rare nut extract found only on the windward side of the Islands of Fiji, is one of those ingredients and we’ve rounded up the top 7 beauty tips and tricks to help you incorporate Dilo oil into your natural skincare routine. From how to get rid of dry, cracked feet to taking care of a sunburn overnight, these simple tips are sure to turn you into a fan of this fantastic oil!

1. For Dry, Rough & Cracked Feet

For Dry, Rough & Cracked Feet

With the change in weather and humidity, our skin can get pretty dry in the winter – heels included. You might even find yourself with dry, rough and cracked heels which, if left untreated, can leave you with itchy, painful heels.

How to care for your rough and cracked feet overnight:

  1. Pour one teaspoon of Pure Fiji’s Dilo Rescue Bath Therapy into a basin filled with warm water and soak your feet for at least 5 minutes.
  2. Scrub your heels and any other dry areas with a pumice stone or foot file to remove dry skin and calluses.
  3. After your soak, moisturize your feet, focusing your attention on your heels with Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Body Butter and cover your feet with cotton socks. Keep the socks on overnight and wake up to softer feet by morning!

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2. For Rashes

For Rashes

A rash usually happens as a results of coming into contact with something (beauty products, soap, laundry detergent) that causes your skin to have an adverse reaction. The result can be an itchy, red or inflamed rash.

How to care for your rash:

  1. When you wash your skin, use warm water instead of hot.
  2. When drying your skin, never rub, always pat it dry.
  3. Spray the affected area with Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Body Spray – it will help to soothe and hydrate the skin for 24 hours.
  4. Always let the rash breathe as much as possible – don’t cover it with clothing for long periods of time.

3. For Acne Scars

For Acne Scars

Acne scars are the unfortunate, long-lasting after-effect of your short lived breakout. So what’s the best way to repair them? Dilo oil! Dilo oil is a pure oil that is readily absorbed through the skin. It contains a unique essential fatty acid, calophyllic acid, which works to regenerate skin cells, soothe irritation and reduce inflammation. The result: supercharged healing and repair for your acne scars.

How to care for acne scars:

Apply Pure Fiji's Anti-Aging Booster Dilo Oil before you apply your regular moisturizer.

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4. For Bruising

For Bruising

Bruises happen all the time, sometimes without us even knowing it! Whether it’s from bumping into something or an injury, the chances of a bruise appearing increases with age. An occasional bruise isn’t a cause for concern, but if you start to find that you’re bruising more easily or the bruises are especially large, plan a visit to your doctor to make sure it’s nothing serious.

How to care for bruises:

Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Body Gel can help soothe, nourish and replenish irritated, bruised skin. Apply this nurturing blend of Dilo Oil and aloe vera balm to the bruised area in the morning and at bedtime.

5. For Sunburn

For Sunburn

No matter how careful we are in the sun, a sunburn can happen – and we all know it can be uncomfortable! While you can’t undo the damage of a sunburn, you can do something to help speed up the healing process and soothe your irritated, inflamed skin.

How to care for sunburn overnight:

Apply Pure Fiji’s Dilo Rescue Body Gel twice a day (or more often if your sunburn is especially bad) to the affected areas. This amazing body gel contains dilo oil, aloe vera and lavender which combine to help repair, replenish and soothe your sunburned skin.

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6. For Insect Bites

For Insect Bites

Whether it’s a mosquito bite, a bee or wasp sting or a tick bite, it’s guaranteed to irritate your skin. Insect bites generally cause some swelling, redness and itchiness around the bite or sting.

How to care for insect bites overnight:

Use Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Body Spray on the bite right away after the bite/sting and as needed after that – make sure skin is clean before spraying. This spray is effective on bites/stings because of the dilo oil which helps to enhance the skin’s own repair mechanism, soothe pain and irritation, and promote the growth of healthy skin.

7. For Inflammation (dermatitis, eczema, shaving irritation)

For Inflammation (dermatitis, eczema, shaving irritation)

Eczema is a common skin condition that can happen anywhere on your body, from the legs and arms to your feet and hands. It can be especially annoying on your hands as it can make doing everyday activities more irritating and painful.

How to care for inflammation:

For all over relief from eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis, add one capful of Pure Fiji Dilo Rescue Bath Therapy to your bath. This soothing blend of fresh coconut milk, dilo nut extract and aromatic herbs helps rejuvenate skin and reduce inflammation.

Problems with your skin are bound to show up at some point in your life. Instead of reaching for those chemical laden products from your drugstore, try incorporating natural products made only from natural ingredients like Dilo Oil to your skin care routine. Follow the 7 simple beauty tips and tricks above to help repair and rejuvenate your skin…overnight!

Infographic - 7 Easy All Natural Overnight Beauty Tips Using Dilo Oil

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Posted: Fri, Dec 1st, 2017