From Hair to Makeup to Natural Skincare: 12 DIY Beauty Hacks to Simplify Your Life

From Hair to Makeup to Natural Skincare: 12 DIY Beauty Hacks to Simplify Your Life

We all spend countless hours in our bathrooms, priming and primping to get the perfect look we desire. But let’s face it, our schedules and obligations often don’t allow us the luxury of that time. That’s why there’s natural skincare and beauty tips out there that help save time, money and effort so you can get that perfect look you crave.

Here are the top 12 DIY hacks for natural beauty – from hair to skin care and everything in between: 


1.  Remove split ends by twisting locks of hair and trimming the ones you see poking out.

Let’s face it we all have split ends. But getting rid of them is easier than you’d think. To help eliminate split ends completely, use Exotic Bath and Body oil on your hair. Simply rub a few drops onto the ends of your hair to help hydrate your dry, parched strands.

2. If your hair tends to be on the frizzy side, try drying your hair with a t-shirt instead of a towel.

A towel creates friction, which can cause split ends, breakage and knots in your hair. The smooth cotton of the t-shirt will create less friction and thus less frizziness. After you wash your hair, use the t-shirt to squeeze out excess water. Flip your head over and wrap the t-shirt on your head for 5-10 minutes to further dry your hair.


3.  Get a cut crease with a spoon.

The latest beauty trends aren’t always the easiest to achieve. Take the cut crease shadow look for example. This popular look can be difficult to copy on your own but not with this simple hack – a spoon! To achieve this look, place the spoon on your lid and run the shadow over the curve of the spoon. It will create a perfectly rounded crease, and make you look like you’ve spent hours creating your look!

Get a cut crease with a spoon
Get a cut crease with a spoon

4. Create the perfect wing with tape.

Winged eyeliner is a popular look that baffles many women out there. Getting the perfect wing liner looks difficult but can be easily done with this simple hack. Take a small piece of scotch tape and position it on your face along the lower lash line. Apply your shadow and liner along the line. When finished, take off the tape and you’ll see a perfectly straight line!

Create the perfect wing with tape
Create the perfect wing with tape

5. Less liner can be more.

Eyeliner can be a great way to enhance your look but it takes time and, sometimes, skill. Instead, try tightlining your eyes. Tightlining is lining the upper waterline under your top lashes – making it look as though you’re wearing more makeup than you actually are. 

6. Remove makeup with coconut oil.

With so many makeup removers on the market, it can be difficult to choose just one. Why not try coconut oil instead? With so many possible uses, coconut oil is a great tool to have in your natural beauty arsenal. And it makes a great makeup remover. Coconut oil is all-natural so it’s a much better choice over other chemical laden beauty products. It’s also gentle on your skin. If you’d rather use a natural skincare product, try Pure Fiji’s Exotic Bath and Body Oil. It will remove your makeup without drying your skin – instead your skin will feel hydrated, nourished and clean.


7. Ombre your lips to make them look fuller.

We’re not all born with full, luscious lips so some of us have to fake it. An easy way to do it? Try using an ombre technique with your lip products to make your lips appear fuller. Start with a darker color on the outer corners, and then apply a lighter color in the centre.

Ombre your lips to make them look fuller
Ombre your lips to make them look fuller

8. Make your teeth look whiter with lipstick.

We all want whiter teeth but don’t want to use chemical laden products to get them. Instead, try experimenting with different colors of lipsticks. Those with blue-based colors, like true blood red, can make your teeth appear whiter while enhancing your smile in the process!

9. Brush your way to smoother lips.

No need to buy expensive lip scrubs – You can exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush! Simply apply a few drops of Pure Fiji Nourishing Exotic Bath and Body oil to your lips and then brush away the dead skin. Your lips will be smooth and, because the toothbrush stimulates blood flow, your lips will appear full and plump!


10.  Filter out the oil.

If excess oil on your skin is an issue, ditch those expensive blotting sheets and pull out some coffee filters instead! These filters soak up oil just as well as blotting sheets can and are much less expensive. While it might not be an acne cure, these filters will certainly help soak up the oil that’s clogging your pores!

11. Lighten your foundation with moisturizer.

It can be a pain (not to mention expensive) to buy a different color foundation for every season. By wintertime, your tan is most likely gone and your summer foundation is undoubtedly too dark.
For an easy fix, mix in some of Pure Fiji Hydrating Multi Active Day Cream to lighten the shade, and you’ll be perfectly matched and hydrated!

12. Help take away puffiness and boost circulation to the skin.

It might not seem like it, but your fridge can play an important role in your natural skincare routine, especially in the warm summer months. Putting your moisturizers and eye products in the fridge will keep them from spoiling, not to mention the cooling effect benefits your skin. Chilled skincare products help take away puffiness and boost circulation in your skin. Try it with your face masks as well for a cooling facial.

So make sure you keep these natural beauty tips in your bag of tricks and you’ll be on your way to gorgeous skin, hair and makeup in no time at all!

Posted: Tue, Nov 29th, 2016