The New Vitamin C in Skin Care: 6 Benefits of Kakadu Plum

The New Vitamin C in Skin Care: 6 Benefits of Kakadu Plum

If you think natural skin care isn’t as effective as “man-made” stuff; then think again. Let us introduce you to “Kakadu plum” regarded as the world’s highest source of Vitamin C. This natural ingredient dramatically increases skin radiance and luminosity. It also boosts collagen and hyaluronic acid synthesis. It reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles leaving skin with a smoother, more youthful appearance. Are you ready to learn more? Read on.

What is Kakadu Plum?

Kakadu plum is also known as Gubinge, Billygoat Plum, Gurumal or Murunga. Kakadu plum has the richest source of Vitamin C. This Vitamin C is even more powerful than orange, kiwi fruit and chili pepper Vitamin C.

The super fruit — which is only found in the remote bush in the northwest territory of Australia — provides all of the benefits of Vitamin C products and then some.  It has long been used as “bush food” by the aboriginals, but is now harvested to keep up with it’s growing demand. It is widely used in many skincare and pharmaceuticals products.

What are The Benefits of Kakadu Plum?

1. Antioxidants

Kakadu offers 4.7 times more antioxidants and 10 times more potassium than blueberries. Kakadu Plum contains the natural nutrient Gallic acid, which is a phenolic acid that works as an antioxidant protecting against free radical damage caused by the sun, pollution and environmental toxins.

2. Above-average antiseptic properties

This has been used for centuries as an orthodox method for the treatment of many diseases and as an antiseptic. Kakadu plum has above-average antiseptic properties which makes it “useful to clear pimple-causing bacteria.

3. Wound healer

The inner bark of the Kakadu plum tree can cure many skin disorders and infections. It’s also used to heal wounds, sores and boils. It is also effective for preventing or controlling fungal and bacterial infections. It’s proven to be an excellent wound healer and is helpful in the treatment of psoriasis.

4. Anti-Aging

Vitamin C is the most essential antioxidant for slowing down the aging process. While the first fruit that comes to mind when you think of vitamin C is generally an orange, Kakadu Plum contain over 3000mg of Vitamin C per 100g of fruit. That’s a Vitamin C concentration 50% higher than oranges.

Natural vitamin C stimulates the growth of collagen in the skin to increase suppleness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, plump the skin under the eyes to reduce dark circles and improves skin elasticity contributing to a more youthful glow.

5. Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Kakadu Plum also contains the active nutrient ellagic acid, which inhibits melanogenesis to reduce color pigmentation allowing for a more even skin color.

6. Anti-inflammatory

If you struggle with skin that’s prone to sensitivity, Kakadu Plum Seed Oil is deeply soothing. Containing Gallic acid (a natural anti-inflammatory), this botanical ingredient helps to reduce redness, inflammation irritation caused by sensitivity, overexposure to the sun or inflammatory skin disorders.

Are There Any Risks or Side Effects

Considering the sheer power behind this plum, there are some risks to consider. If you have sensitive skin, it’s recommended to do a small patch test before slathering Kakadu products all over your precious face.

Those with very dry or sensitive skin should look for a Kakadu plum product that combines hyaluronic acid like Pure Fiji’s Kakadu Super C Brightening Serum with Hyaluronate and Bakuchiol. This powerful blend will dramatically improve radiance and luminosity while delivering an instant moisture surge and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation = rapid results for glowing skin.

How can you incorporate Kakadu Plum Seed Oil into your skincare routine?

Pure Fiji’s Kakadu Super C Brightening Serum with Hyaluronate and Bakuchiol for home use:

  • Apply 2-3 drops on face and neck morning and night after cleansing and toning.
  • Follow with your favorite day/night cream.
  • When introducing a new skincare product with active ingredients like this serum we recommend gradually building to daily use as tolerated. Begin by using 2-3 drops of this Kakadu Super Vitamin C Brightening Serum every second day for the first 2-4 weeks. After this time you can begin incorporating this product into your daily regimen using morning and night after cleansing and toning.
  • Follow with your favorite day/night cream.
  • Always apply SPF30+ during the day when using this product.


If you’re looking to really get your glow back, we also recommend your explore our entire collection of vitamin c products infused with this skin care wonder from Down Under.


Posted: Mon, Nov 9th, 2020