First Step to Fitness

When it comes to starting a fitness program, it can be difficult to just take that first step —especially if you haven't been so active recently. First, you need to find a workout that you like, then make sure you start slow - donʼt try to make up for months or years of inaction in one day. Itʼs important to listen to your body and slowly increase your workout level - severe muscle soreness or injury from diving in too quickly will only work against you by decreasing your motivation for the next workout.

Experts also recommend proper pre-workout nutrition. Ensure you eat something 30 - 60 minutes before starting your exercise session. Perfect pre-workout snacks are yogurt with fruit, peanut butter on wheat toast, cottage cheese and fruit, or oatmeal with raisins - these provide the right combination of carbs and protein. What better way to increase your fitness motivation than to prepare your gym bag with some lovely products to refresh and revive your senses during your post-workout shower!

Essentials would have to include shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and your favourite lotion or oil to rehydrate skin. A little body mist in your favourite infusion is the perfect way to finalise your post-workout ritual.