Pure Fiji Blog https://www.purefiji.com/blog/ Get the latest news, beauty tips and rituals from Pure Fiji Crown Care: DIY Treatment for a Dry Scalp https://www.purefiji.com/blog/crown-care-dry-scalp/ 2023-03-21 14:40:01 We reveal the underlying causes of a dry scalp, the difference between dry scalp and dandruff, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place. 5 Simple Ways to Improve Perimenopause Skincare https://www.purefiji.com/blog/perimenopause-skincare/ 2023-03-21 14:31:17 We've rounded up the best natural skincare products that are perfect for your skin during perimenopause. 5 Ways to Add Hyaluronic Acid to Your Winter Skincare Routine https://www.purefiji.com/blog/hyaluronic-acid-skincare-routine/ 2023-02-06 09:10:40 Hyaluronic acid is produced by the body and found in the highest concentrations in our skin. Its job is to retain water, keep our tissues well lubricated, and our skin looking firm and youthful. Skin Barrier 101: What It Is, Causes & Natural Treatments https://www.purefiji.com/blog/skin-barriers/ 2023-02-06 09:03:10 We reveal everything you need to know about what the skin barrier is and how to protect it so you’re reaping the rewards of all your natural skincare products. How to Tell if Your Skin is Dehydrated or Not (And How to Treat It) https://www.purefiji.com/blog/dehydrated-skin/ 2023-01-01 14:20:41 Does your skin feel flakier and more sensitive than usual? Here’s how to tell if your skin is dehydrated and how to treat it. 7 Common Skincare Myths https://www.purefiji.com/blog/common-skincare-myths/ 2023-01-01 14:11:49 Here are seven of the more common beauty myths you need to know about. Don't fall for these skin myths. Top 12 Frequently Asked Questions About Skincare https://www.purefiji.com/blog/top-twelve-skincare-faq/ 2022-12-01 14:34:05 When it comes to natural skincare there’s no doubt many of us still have unanswered questions about how to use the products correctly. We have rounded up a list of questions that are frequently asked by women and we have answered them all, leaving no room for doubt. 15 Winter Skin Survival Tips: The Ultimate Dry Skin Routine https://www.purefiji.com/blog/winter-skin-survival-tips/ 2022-12-01 13:39:06 During the winter months, it is vital to make modifications to your skin care routine. Here are 15 tips for protecting your skin’s barrier from winter’s bite. Skincare Routine: Are Face Masks Essential? https://www.purefiji.com/blog/skincare-routine-are-face-masks-essential/ 2022-11-01 10:53:59 Have you ever wondered if face masks are worth the extra step in your skincare routine? The facts are that choosing the right face mask is easy if you know how and they can truly boost the effects of your regular skincare routine. Anti-Aging Skincare Ingredients: Retinol vs. Bakuchiol https://www.purefiji.com/blog/anti-aging-skincare-ingredients-retinol-vs-bakuchiol/ 2022-11-01 10:47:34 In this blog post you’ll learn what retinol and bakuchiol are, their side effects, the differences between them, some tips to help you decide which one is right for your skin type and skin condition, and natural skincare products you’ll absolutely love! 10 Fast Ways to Get Glowing Skin Naturally https://www.purefiji.com/blog/ten-ways-glowing-skin-naturally/ 2022-10-11 16:11:47 These simple, natural skincare tips below may be just what you need to promote healthy glowing skin during this upcoming fall and winter season. Simple Nighttime Skincare Routine https://www.purefiji.com/blog/simple-nighttime-skincare-routine/ 2022-10-11 14:03:03 Skincare requires a standard routine that you keep up with. We recommend that you add just a few more steps into your nighttime skincare routine to keep your skin in tip-top shape. 7 Ways to Know If Your Skincare Product is Working or Not https://www.purefiji.com/blog/is-your-skincare-product-working/ 2022-09-01 01:38:50 Beginners Guide: How to Build a Skin Care Routine https://www.purefiji.com/blog/build-skincare-routine/ 2022-09-01 01:17:46 Great skin is not simply something you inherit from your parents — your daily habits, lifestyle choices and of course, the products you use have a big impact on what you see in the mirror. Skin Tightening Tips: 8 Ways to Tighten Loose Skin on the Face https://www.purefiji.com/blog/tighten-loose-skin-face/ 2022-08-01 09:51:10 Prevent loosening skin naturally by taking care of your health. Using sunscreen, drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep, maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and avoiding smoking and overindulging in alcohol can all help you maintain your skin’s natural elasticity and help tighten your skin naturally. 39 Ways To Kickstart Your Fall Self Care Routine https://www.purefiji.com/blog/kickstart-fall-selfcare-routine/ 2022-08-01 09:28:44 Now the prime time to reboot our skincare routines to keep our skin glowing and our spirits up all the way to the end of the year. Get your calendar out and start planning for these 40 fall self-care ideas to pamper yourself. 5 Ways to Get Rid of Uneven Skin Tone https://www.purefiji.com/blog/uneven-skin-tone/ 2022-07-01 08:52:41 Creating a smooth texture, decreasing dark spots and redness is no easy feat. So just how do we go about doing all those things? Well, keep reading. 8 Ways to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes https://www.purefiji.com/blog/get-rid-dark-circles-eyes/ 2022-07-01 08:41:59 You may not realize this but the skin under our eyes is much more fragile, and delicate compared to the rest of our face and body. Well today, you’re in luck because we’re going to give you plenty of options to try to prevent and eliminate dark eye bags! Minimalist Skin Care Guide for Every Skin Type https://www.purefiji.com/blog/minimalist-skincare-every-skin-type/ 2022-06-05 09:33:49 If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your current skincare routine, it might be time for a simpler approach using these three products as indicated for each skin type below. Summer Skin Care Tips: 9 Things to Avoid If You Have Oily Skin https://www.purefiji.com/blog/summer-skincare-oily-skin/ 2022-06-01 06:09:26 So, you’re probably thinking that you should wash your face more often to get rid of the extra oil. Well, that’s a big no no. Here are 9 things to avoid if you have oily skin. How To Give Yourself a Gua Sha Facial for Glowing Skin https://www.purefiji.com/blog/gua-sha-facial/ 2022-05-01 02:01:58 Gua sha, it’s an ancient practice that's meant to improve circulation, relax your muscles, and improve blood flow. In this post we’ll show you how you can add it as part of your skin care routine. Powerful Skin-Care Ingredients You Need at Every Age https://www.purefiji.com/blog/skincare-ingredients/ 2022-05-01 01:12:01 Today we’re going to share which ingredients you should be focusing on during different times of your life and help you build a better game plan for the years to come How to Build Healthy Habits for a Happy Work-Life Balance https://www.purefiji.com/blog/health-habbits-work-life-balance/ 2022-04-04 11:43:51 These tips below might help you start building healthy habits that help you achieve the perfect work-life balance for you. 7 Fruity Ingredients You Need to Include in Your Skin Care Routine https://www.purefiji.com/blog/fruity-skincare/ 2022-04-01 06:00:00 Different fruits provide a variety of benefits, from brightening and hydration to anti-aging and more. Here are a few ways to incorporate fruits into your skincare routine. How to Prep Your Skin with Plant-Based Products for Your Wedding Day https://www.purefiji.com/blog/plant-based-wedding/ 2022-02-18 06:00:00 There’s no doubt that a wedding checklist is an absolute must to ensure everything goes according to plan on your big day. All eyes will be on you so let’s make sure you beam with confidence on that special day.  7 Ways to Make Your Skin Care Routine More Sustainable https://www.purefiji.com/blog/sustainable-skincare/ 2022-02-18 06:00:00 A major part of our daily lives is our skincare routine. Here are a few simple ways to make your sustainable beauty routine kinder to the planet. Must-Have Hydration Heroes for Healthy Skin https://www.purefiji.com/blog/hydration-heroes/ 2022-02-01 06:00:00 Two of the most fundamental steps for nourishing your skin are hydration and moisturization. If you skip these steps long enough it can cause serious consequences for your skin. 6 Benefits of Plant-Based Skin Care Products https://www.purefiji.com/blog/plant-based-skincare/ 2022-02-01 06:00:00 Plant-based skin care products like Pure Fiji are more sustainable than traditional beauty products because of their sourcing and manufacturing. Here’s why: Winter Skin Care Tips: 8 Easy Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing https://www.purefiji.com/blog/winter-skincare-tips/ 2022-01-01 05:00:00 There’s no doubt that cold, winter days can wreak havoc on your skin, leading to a dull, lackluster complexion. These simple, natural tips are just what you need to promote healthy glowing skin. Let’s get started! 15 Natural Skin Care Resolutions To Make in 2022 https://www.purefiji.com/blog/skincare-resolutions/ 2022-01-01 05:00:00 2021 wasn’t easy for many of us so you’re probably ready for a fresh start. Start 2022 off with the new & improved natural skincare routine you so deserve. Let’s raise our glass to glowing skin!