Dilo Rescue Body Butter

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Rescue and Rejuvenate dry skin with this supernourishing dilo nut butter. This power packed soothing and nourishing cream will revive and restore the most dry and irritated areas of skin. It will instantly soothe, nourish and replenish irritated skin affected by sunburn, insect bites, dryness, rashes or postshaving irritations, acne, eczema, inflammation, bruising, post microdermabrasion, post radiation and chemotherapy.

Key Ingredients

Cold pressed dilo, coconut, macadamia, and sikeci oil, passionflower extracts, fresh coconut milk, lavender and mint


3 in 1 moisturizer that will restore, repair and replenish

Product Use

Use topically on irritated and especially dry areas or allover the body for a natural nutrient boost. Helps strengthen and nourish ageing skin. Use to help prevent stretch marks or help reduce scar tissue.

Tip: keep a jar everywhere

Professional Use

Use as a massage cream or masque for dry or irritated hands and feet in manicures & pedicures.

Use in nourishing wraps for dry skin.