Green Earth

Green EarthAt Pure Fiji we are acutely aware of our carbon footprint and the need to utilise Fiji's environmental resources appropriately and sustainably. We make every effort to minimise and where appropriate, enhance Fiji's unique ecosystem. Pure Fiji continues to research and implement programs that reflect good conservation measures while reducing and helping negate our carbon footprint.

Raw ingredients are wild-harvested - which reduces the need for artificial irrigation, fertilization and pesticides, thus reducing the impact on the local ecosystem.

Nut oils are cold pressed, coconut oil is used to power cars and generators in rural communities, and a tree planting program is in place.

At the Pure Fiji complex in Suva, gardens and building alike have been designed to maximize insulation and reduce the factory's dependence on air conditioning.

By-products from processing of our raw ingredients are recycled as fertilizer and mulch for factory gardens - and a massive vegetable plot supplies factory staff with a constant stream of organic produce.


Building upon the numerous other initiatives instigated to ensure the Pure Fiji Factory in Suva is run in as environmentally friendly a manner as possible, Pure Fiji has recently built two solariums on site at the Pure Fiji Complex. One solarium used for the drying of Staff Uniforms, Spa linens while the other is used for the drying of local herbal leaves for Pure Fiji products. 

This solarium is engineered to focus the sun's energy and naturally heat the inside air to remarkable temperatures – often around 48-50 degrees Celsius. In addition, humidity is decreased to almost zero percent inside the solarium – high heat and low humidity resulting in a very fast and efficient natural clothes dryer.