Signature Rituals

The unique Pure Fiji spa rituals reflect the beauty, spirit and traditions of Fiji where beauty is felt, spirit is honoured and traditions are respected. The exotic treatments are designed to utilize the islands' natural resources, embracing the gifts of nature and the uniqueness of Fiji, celebrating the youth and beauty that lives within us. 

Protocols for Pure Fiji signature treatments are available for your tropical spa indulgence.

Signature Look

Transform your spa into a Tropical Oasis with Pure Fiji's Signature look - a comprehensive range of unique accessories for treatment tray and bed set.

Not only do we offer professional sizes for your back bar needs, we also offer the following accessories to help you achieve the Pure Fiji signature look:

  • Beautiful hand-woven treatment trays
  • Indulgent deep hand-beaten copper bowls for pedicures
  • Custom ceramic leaf and flower product dishes in a variety of colours
  • Hand-carved coconut bowls
  • Silk Hibiscus flowers
  • Custom bed runners and a variety of other unique accessories

Make your guests visit more memorable by making every experience inside your spa a tropical treat for the senses.